Puncture Repair

Full range of tyre repairs

It's never a good time to get a puncture, but when you do, you can rely on Russell Shiels Tyres Ltd in Magherafelt. Our experts will inspect any damaged car or van tyre to assess its suitability for repair and advise you of the safest course of action.
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Affordable puncture repairs

If your tyre still has usable tread, why go to the expense of getting a new tyre? If our experts can repair it for you, we will! In some cases, it may not be advisable to repair and re-fit a tyre if your safety is being put at risk, in this instance we will not replace any tyre if we feel it is unsafe to do so.
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puncture repair

Tyres may not be repairable if:

  • The puncture is too large to be repaired
  • The tyre has been driven on whilst flat causing damage to the sidewall
  • The tyre is already at its minimum tread depth
  • The rubber or tread has separated
  • Long term low pressure has damaged the sidewalls
  • Leaking brake or suspension fluid has deteriorated the tyre
  • Your tyre has visible or damaged bead wire
  • Faulty/ poor previous repairs
Roadside puncture repairs for commercial trucks

Agricultural, industrial and plant tyre repairs

No matter how big the tyre, you can rely on Russell Shiels Tyres Ltd for the repair of all makes and models of agricultural, industrial and plant tyres. 

Our tyre repair service is well known throughout Magherafelt, Mid-Ulster and beyond. Over the years we have repaired literally thousands of punctures and damaged tyres and whether you require a simple puncture repair or a more specialist fix you will find our courteous and capable staff more than up to the job.
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Customer testimonial

'Picked up a nail somewhere this morning so had to come to the best repair shop around, fast efficient service; had me back on the road in no time. Full marks to Russell Shiels Tyres; again' R. Murphy.
For a full range of puncture repairs and tyre replacements in Magherafelt and beyond, call in the experts at Russell Shiels Tyres Ltd
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